Direct Chill - The Superior Solution

Plumbed water cooler

Direct Chill Water Coolers have many advantages over Reservoir or Bottle Systems:

  • No stored cold drinking water - this means the risk of biological contamination is significantly reduced compared to a reservoir dispenser on the account of there being no exposure of the water to the atmosphere (and air borne bugs)
  • Instantly chilled water - this means only the water required is being cooled rather than a larger volume being available on standby which may not be required so the efficiency of the dispenser is greater. This along with the high level of insulation in the dispenser can result in lower energy consumption
  • Sealed drinking water system - greatly reducing the need and concern for internal sanitisation and the various methods often employed which invariably use powerful disinfectants (e.g. chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone etc.) which can have harmful side effects (e.g. corrosion, oxidisation, bleaching etc.)
  • Protected dispense faucets - greatly reducing the risk of external contamination of the water systems by users
  • Push button dispense control - being light touch and easy to use it keeps users hands well away from dispense points again reducing the risk of external contamination of the water systems by the users
  • Easy maintenance - just keep the outside and the dispense faucet clean with the addition of a periodic quick flush through of the system with a low strength disinfectant for complete peace of mind (usually carried out at the same time as a filter change)
u1 Water Cooler